Thursday, 25 October 2012


Chantal 52-Ounce Ekettles™Electric Kettle is a kitchen appliance that contains a heating properties used for boiling water, cook food etc. It is made up of a metal or plastic container with a handle, a hollow space where you do other boiling and cooking processes, a thermostat and an element that converts it from electrical energy to heat energy.

There are some problems we encounter when using an electric kettle in our daily basis such as water not boiling, the power is not coming UP, the switch is faulty etc.


No Power Supply
Check the power socket if cable is properly plugged, make sure the power switch is pushed ON, check if the lead connector is properly pushed in. If you have a cordless kettle check if the kettle is sitting properly on its base, lastly check the power fuse and replace if possible.

Not Heating
In this situation you have to check if there is power inside the kettle then check the power switch or fuse which needs to be replaced. Sometimes the kettle does not heat up because the heating element is not longer working and has to be replaced. Sometimes the base unit is faulty and needs to be seen by a service engineer.

Check the base of a metal kettle for holes or corrosion, especially near the folded joints between the base and the body of the kettle. Unfortunately there is nothing that you can do to fix this problem except buy a new kettle.Leaks around the kettle spout are a serious problem since most adhesives do not form a permanent seal on chromium plating or aluminium  nor are they able to withstand the high temperatures of boiling water. The only sure remedy is to buy a new kettle or a new body. If you have any other problems please shear it hear with us thanks.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

INSTALLATION OF A CAR STEREO SYSTEM  As we all know the usefulness of a Car Stereo just like the radio we play at our various homes but the difference is Car Stereo as the name sounds is used in a we going to be discoursing on the installation and maintenance of Car Stereos.We have different types of car stereos and products but there specifications are alike coming to a conclusion of the same sound production.

 Installation Of Car Stereo your car stereo system yourself is a relatively simple process for those with even the most basic knowledge of electrical installation or automotive service, and is a great way to save money on your car stereo system installation.

 Understand the basics of all car stereo systems

 A car stereo system consists of 4 main components and the wiring that connects them. These are the head unit, the main speakers, optional amplifiers and the sub woofers, which are also optional but generally considered a necessary part of any good system.

* Before you start any installation disconnect the ground negative pole from the battery to avoid any damage to the vehicle.

  * Install the new speakers by disconnecting the old once from the enclosure. You have to replace the old speakers with the new once by following the same wire connection and polarization. Attach the connectors to your new speaker. Make sure to connect the negative wire (-/black) to the negative terminal on the speaker and the positive wire (+/red or white) to the positive one then wrap each connection in electrical tape so no wire is showing to protect them.After that you cover the speaker enclosure to normal position.

 * Attach the thick positive (+/red) power cable for your amplifier to the connector on positive terminal of your battery with the fuse from car stereo sittings, and wrap it with electrical tape.Remember to put the fuse in the fuse holder.

* Attach the signal, remote and antenna power  cable to the Red positive cable.

* Also fix the thick black ground cable to the negative pole of the battery or any metal surface of the vehicle.

 * Attach the 14-gauge speaker wires to the left and right channels of the amplifier and to the speaker connectors with there different color codes and wrap each connection with electric tape.

* Finally double check your connections and slot the Car Stereo into the dash and screw it securely in place.Reconnect the ground (negative) cable to your car battery and turn the stereo on and move around the car listening to each speaker to make sure everything is working properly.

I hope the tutorial helps, Ask questions here if you  have any challenges.

 Wire Color                                              Wire Function
Yellow                                                     12V Constant / Memory
 Red                                                         Switch / Accessory
Black                                                        Ground
Blue                                                          Antenna Remote
Blue with White Stripe                               Amplifier Remote Turn-on
Orange with White Stripe                          Dash Light Dimmer/Illumination
Green                                                      Left Rear Speaker (+)
 Green with Black Stripe                           Left Rear Speaker (-)
White                                                       Left Front Speaker (+)
White with Black Stripe                            Left Front Speaker (-)
Purple                                                      Right Rear Speaker (+)
Purple with Black Stripe                           Right Rear Speaker (-)
Gray                                                        Right Front Speaker (+)
Gray with Black Stripe                             Right Front Speaker(-)


Electric hot plate is a portable self-contained tabletop small appliance that is made up of electric heating elements for cooking or boiling in a small space.Generally it is used for cooking and is more mobile and can simply be lifted off the base from one direction to another.The main parts of a hot plate are the heating element(s) and the thermostat to regulate the heat. Moreover, some hot plates uses a switch to regulate the temperature or heat.

Problems  And Solutions

*Faulty power cable: when this happens there is no flow of current to the hot plate and it demands a complete change of cords.Use a multimeter to test each electrical component; replace as needed

*Faulty switch: The power control switch may be and needs replacement service you can actually get buy it from your local electronics stores.

*Internal wiring can be damaged due to excess heat and Contacts may have become fused.

*If the element doesn't heat first of all Test the thermostat and the thermal fuse and replace as necessary.

*Test the heating element and replace it if it is bad.


Electric Iron is a small appliances that is used to remove wrinkles from fabric with the help of a heat energy that passes through the bottom sole plate.Am going to be discussing on how to troubleshoot some minor faults it develops.

Iron doesn't heat

Actually, the major problem is the heat part which is normally caused by either the power cord nor the  element, but before i move further let us discussed on the power cord that allows the flow of electricity to the element. Sometime this cord develops a partial contact  to a situation whereby it reduces the flow of current from the wall socket. It trips OFF and ON making it hard for the element to transform the energy processes.Secondly the thermostat might be bad then it require services or replacement and finally the element.
The element regulates the electrical energy to heat energy with the help of the thermostat.When the element is faulty, the electric iron will never produce heat.

What can we do
Check the continuity of the power cord with a reading meter in other to locate the particular position of the affected part then replace it with a new cord.
If the iron produces too much or too little heat, test the electrical cord . Also test and, if needed, adjust calibration of the thermostat.
If the iron does not spray properly, inspect and clean the nozzle
If the iron leaks or spits, clean the steam vents, nozzle, and tank.
If the iron sticks to fabric, clean or repair the soleplate. If the iron stains fabric, clean the soleplate, clean the tank with a commercial cleaner, and use distilled or filtered water.

Saturday, 20 October 2012


Bose LST20BKAs we all know the power of a Home Theater, it is a high-quality source device designed to reproduce the movie theater experience in the comfort of your own house. It duplicates the movie theater experience right in your homes. The type of production of a Home Theater increases and shows a combination of different types of speakers and a woofer that duplicates the movie theater experience. So that makes it so powerful and entertainment device. It comes with different types of speakers and there directives on how to install them, so to make a perfect installation it is advisable to check the producer's manual.

There different types of  fault a Home Theater normally have,a situation whereby you have installed the complete set and nothing happened for example:

No Power
 Generally the first thing to check is the the power supply from the mains(socket), then you trace the power code from the socket to the Home Theater if there is a connection between the ends.Make sure the socket power control is turned ON and also the device power button.

Sound Not Normal
First of all check the speaker connections and follow the instructions from the user manual, make sure the speaker wiring color codes matches the color on the output terminal of the Home Theater according to the channel and polarity. Also check the output connection from the DVD to the Woofer to have a complete sound connection.Take off the cover of the sub-woofer and locate the fuse. If the fuse is broken, replace it

DVD Skips And Freezes
If you are are having problem with the DVD player it is advisable to first of all check the format of the disc you want to play if the DVD player supports it. This could be the culprit and prevent the laser-lens from reading the contents on the disc.Check the surface of the disc and clean it properly before inserting it to the DVD player.However, if you also have trouble playing DVD-Rs, it could even be the brand of blank DVD-R used to make the DVD so all these things must be noted because there is no guarantee that a specific homemade DVD will play in all DVD players.Use cleaning products available at electronics stores to clean each piece of equipment. Run a laser lens cleaner through the DVD. Do the same for the CD player using a disc cleaner specific to audio equipment.

Thursday, 18 October 2012



Sometimes the car radio refused to power no,to fix this you have to make sure the battery of the car is fully charged.check the red positive cable if it has been removed or unplugged from the battery.check the fuse that supply power from the battery to the car radio by consulting the vehicles owner manual to check the exact location of the fuse box.replace the fuse with the same value.check if the power switch control is functioning OK otherwise it will prevent the flow of current to the circuit.
finally there is a power diode located inside the power pack  that regulates the voltage,if the diode has a short circuit it will blow off the power fuse so check it and replace with the same value.


This error comes out in different ways, in a situation whereby the CD plate  has a scratched or it contains dirt's on the surface meaning that the laser-lens cannot read the information on the disc.It also display such error when the CD plate has stocked inside the tray or mechanism. Finally the laser-lens might be bad and needs replacement. 


Clean the CD plates with a denatured alcohol and make sure the surface is smooth to avoid cracking or error display.cleanup the laser-lens with a lens cleaner and always keep it dry.


Check the cassette play-head and clean it regularly with head cleaner to avoid dirt. Service the pinch rollers by cleaning it with a denatured alcohol to allow the free movement of the tape through the flywheels.If you want to replace the cassette robbers then follow the following steps.

First of all remove the outer cover of the car stereo then go straight to the mechanism and unscrew it both from the top and bottom.Bring out the mechanism then replace the rubber that connects the  flywheel and the motor roller,After replacing it with a new robber screw it back and text it before covering the outer cover of the car stereo.Note, always remove the positive terminal of the car stereo from the car battery before troubleshooting.

Monday, 8 October 2012

A part of DVD panels that controls every component in a DVD player. Let just say the brain box of a DVD player because it regulates and controls the picture and color effect of a DVD player. It is very frustrating when watching a movie and the picture inexplicably this situation you can contact an electronics repair shop or were you purchased it for proper replacement.

 Bose wave radio- 2nd generation- water damage


 Its a digital versatile disc player.As we all know that this device is used for playing a DVD and CD plates.  in our has different types of major problems but we are going be discoursing on few of them.
 *Major Problems:
 check the power cable and make sure the fuse is in other.

 check the socket properly if it has a partial contact and fix it as well

 check the power pack: it regulates the power consumption from AC to DC,you can as well replace it or take it to an expert.

 No Disc Problem

 If your DVD player is giving you a "no disc" error or similar error message on the display screen, it usually means there is something wrong with the laser reader. if the laser is cloudy, dirty or blocked, it cannot read that there is a disc in the player.

 The simple solution is to clean the lens and disc and see if that works.Make sure the disc you are using fit the correct format specify by a DVD player.for example some do not play home burn disc and mp3.You can also clean the lens manually by removing the outer cover of the DVD  then clean the dust on the lens surface.

You can also clean the lens manually by removing the outer cover of the DVD  then  clean the dust on the lens surface.


Note*If you open the DVD player and you don't know anything about what you see, it is advisable to take it to a professional for proper repair.


Sound Problems
In this aspect the device might be working and every other components are perfectly OK but there is no sound production.
These are the possible solutions to the sound problems
  first of all check the speaker cable whether its well connected to the audio output and input terminals of the speakers. Check the volume controller button if it is turned down,check the mute button and lastly check the sound integrated circuit(I.C)

This is the part that controls the sound system of a  Radio set.It is located inside the cabinet with it heat sink that regulates the can get from the local electronics shops. this is where an expert comes in and is advisable to visit a technician when it comes to i.c fault.

 sound I.C

We all know that a radio set is used to receive information  from all parts of the world just like a cell phone,we all have it in our various homes and its path of our daily usage.It is an electronics devise that receives radio waves and converts the information carried by them to a usable form. It consist of the electrical circuit (the panel) ,the antenna that receives the radio waves and frequencies and converts the information as sound through the speakers.


There are different types of fault we encounter while using our radio devices at home which is normally caused by lack of maintenance.


This is a situation whereby there is no flow of current within the circuit.the problem might come the wall socket from the power cord or from the power switch.

In other to do this, make sure you have a digital or analog meter so that you will be able to read the continuity of the power is advisable to always use a digital or analogue meter in troubleshooting a radio device faults,so that you will  arrive at an accurate result. Also check the power transformer depending on the type of radio device you are using, some uses a power panel and some uses a transformer but both of them are of the same function that converts an alternate current (ac) to a direct current (dc), so these are the possible solution to the above fault.

A transformer


 In this aspect, the device might be working and every other components are perfectly OK but there is no sound production.
 First of all check the speaker cable whether its well connected to the audio output and input terminals of the speakers. Check the volume controller button if it is turned down,check the mute button and lastly check the sound integrated circuit (i c), This is the part that controls the sound system of a  Radio set.It is located inside the cabinet with it heat sink that regulates the can get from the local electronics shops. This is where an expert comes in and is advisable to visit a technician when it comes to i.c fault.


 It is usually caused when the CD plate has picked up some dirt.sometime the surface of the CD plate is rough and broken,so when this happens, it is advisable to change or clean the CD plates and try it again.
Secondly, this particular fault also happens when the CD or laser-lens is dirty or all you have to do is first of all clean the laser-lens with a laser cleaner then try and load the  CD plate again.You can as well do a manual cleaning by removing the outer cover of the radio device. Lastly if it happens that the laser-lens is bad then i advice you to take it to a technician.


The purpose of this blog is to shear with you some basic information about the electronics we use in our various homes and communities.the most important thing about electronics is that its a skill just like any other,and it can be learn at any stage of life no matter your experience with technology, so it is a good idea when you bring out your time to know more about electronic this brings to us a question''what is electronics?

Electronics mean the study of flow of electrons in a circuit. From the definition electronics deals with an electrical circuit that involves some electrical components such as transistors,capacitors,resistors and diodes.

Electronics comes from electron meaning observing the way an electron behave under certain condition of externally applied field.
Electronics are path of everyday life,it is necessary to learn electronics at least to some degree.when you study electronics to a certain level you can be able to fix your own home devices when they have minor issues,or some technical malfunctions in your area.By taking the time to learn electronics you can ensure that you are not intimidated by the technology that pervasive in our everyday activities.

Here i will be  teaching you on how to fix and maintain your home appliances such as Radio sets,Television,DVD,Car sets etc...all by yourself.

Am going to take it step by step in explaining the basic solutions on common problems we experience in our homes, so you are free to post any problem consigning your electronic devices and get the solutions right away so that it will be easier for you to fix  things yourself with our online repair tutorials.