Sunday, 21 October 2012


Electric Iron is a small appliances that is used to remove wrinkles from fabric with the help of a heat energy that passes through the bottom sole plate.Am going to be discussing on how to troubleshoot some minor faults it develops.

Iron doesn't heat

Actually, the major problem is the heat part which is normally caused by either the power cord nor the  element, but before i move further let us discussed on the power cord that allows the flow of electricity to the element. Sometime this cord develops a partial contact  to a situation whereby it reduces the flow of current from the wall socket. It trips OFF and ON making it hard for the element to transform the energy processes.Secondly the thermostat might be bad then it require services or replacement and finally the element.
The element regulates the electrical energy to heat energy with the help of the thermostat.When the element is faulty, the electric iron will never produce heat.

What can we do
Check the continuity of the power cord with a reading meter in other to locate the particular position of the affected part then replace it with a new cord.
If the iron produces too much or too little heat, test the electrical cord . Also test and, if needed, adjust calibration of the thermostat.
If the iron does not spray properly, inspect and clean the nozzle
If the iron leaks or spits, clean the steam vents, nozzle, and tank.
If the iron sticks to fabric, clean or repair the soleplate. If the iron stains fabric, clean the soleplate, clean the tank with a commercial cleaner, and use distilled or filtered water.

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