Monday, 8 October 2012


We all know that a radio set is used to receive information  from all parts of the world just like a cell phone,we all have it in our various homes and its path of our daily usage.It is an electronics devise that receives radio waves and converts the information carried by them to a usable form. It consist of the electrical circuit (the panel) ,the antenna that receives the radio waves and frequencies and converts the information as sound through the speakers.


There are different types of fault we encounter while using our radio devices at home which is normally caused by lack of maintenance.


This is a situation whereby there is no flow of current within the circuit.the problem might come the wall socket from the power cord or from the power switch.

In other to do this, make sure you have a digital or analog meter so that you will be able to read the continuity of the power is advisable to always use a digital or analogue meter in troubleshooting a radio device faults,so that you will  arrive at an accurate result. Also check the power transformer depending on the type of radio device you are using, some uses a power panel and some uses a transformer but both of them are of the same function that converts an alternate current (ac) to a direct current (dc), so these are the possible solution to the above fault.

A transformer


 In this aspect, the device might be working and every other components are perfectly OK but there is no sound production.
 First of all check the speaker cable whether its well connected to the audio output and input terminals of the speakers. Check the volume controller button if it is turned down,check the mute button and lastly check the sound integrated circuit (i c), This is the part that controls the sound system of a  Radio set.It is located inside the cabinet with it heat sink that regulates the can get from the local electronics shops. This is where an expert comes in and is advisable to visit a technician when it comes to i.c fault.


 It is usually caused when the CD plate has picked up some dirt.sometime the surface of the CD plate is rough and broken,so when this happens, it is advisable to change or clean the CD plates and try it again.
Secondly, this particular fault also happens when the CD or laser-lens is dirty or all you have to do is first of all clean the laser-lens with a laser cleaner then try and load the  CD plate again.You can as well do a manual cleaning by removing the outer cover of the radio device. Lastly if it happens that the laser-lens is bad then i advice you to take it to a technician.

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