Sunday, 21 October 2012


Electric hot plate is a portable self-contained tabletop small appliance that is made up of electric heating elements for cooking or boiling in a small space.Generally it is used for cooking and is more mobile and can simply be lifted off the base from one direction to another.The main parts of a hot plate are the heating element(s) and the thermostat to regulate the heat. Moreover, some hot plates uses a switch to regulate the temperature or heat.

Problems  And Solutions

*Faulty power cable: when this happens there is no flow of current to the hot plate and it demands a complete change of cords.Use a multimeter to test each electrical component; replace as needed

*Faulty switch: The power control switch may be and needs replacement service you can actually get buy it from your local electronics stores.

*Internal wiring can be damaged due to excess heat and Contacts may have become fused.

*If the element doesn't heat first of all Test the thermostat and the thermal fuse and replace as necessary.

*Test the heating element and replace it if it is bad.

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