Saturday, 20 October 2012


Bose LST20BKAs we all know the power of a Home Theater, it is a high-quality source device designed to reproduce the movie theater experience in the comfort of your own house. It duplicates the movie theater experience right in your homes. The type of production of a Home Theater increases and shows a combination of different types of speakers and a woofer that duplicates the movie theater experience. So that makes it so powerful and entertainment device. It comes with different types of speakers and there directives on how to install them, so to make a perfect installation it is advisable to check the producer's manual.

There different types of  fault a Home Theater normally have,a situation whereby you have installed the complete set and nothing happened for example:

No Power
 Generally the first thing to check is the the power supply from the mains(socket), then you trace the power code from the socket to the Home Theater if there is a connection between the ends.Make sure the socket power control is turned ON and also the device power button.

Sound Not Normal
First of all check the speaker connections and follow the instructions from the user manual, make sure the speaker wiring color codes matches the color on the output terminal of the Home Theater according to the channel and polarity. Also check the output connection from the DVD to the Woofer to have a complete sound connection.Take off the cover of the sub-woofer and locate the fuse. If the fuse is broken, replace it

DVD Skips And Freezes
If you are are having problem with the DVD player it is advisable to first of all check the format of the disc you want to play if the DVD player supports it. This could be the culprit and prevent the laser-lens from reading the contents on the disc.Check the surface of the disc and clean it properly before inserting it to the DVD player.However, if you also have trouble playing DVD-Rs, it could even be the brand of blank DVD-R used to make the DVD so all these things must be noted because there is no guarantee that a specific homemade DVD will play in all DVD players.Use cleaning products available at electronics stores to clean each piece of equipment. Run a laser lens cleaner through the DVD. Do the same for the CD player using a disc cleaner specific to audio equipment.

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