Monday, 8 October 2012


The purpose of this blog is to shear with you some basic information about the electronics we use in our various homes and communities.the most important thing about electronics is that its a skill just like any other,and it can be learn at any stage of life no matter your experience with technology, so it is a good idea when you bring out your time to know more about electronic this brings to us a question''what is electronics?

Electronics mean the study of flow of electrons in a circuit. From the definition electronics deals with an electrical circuit that involves some electrical components such as transistors,capacitors,resistors and diodes.

Electronics comes from electron meaning observing the way an electron behave under certain condition of externally applied field.
Electronics are path of everyday life,it is necessary to learn electronics at least to some degree.when you study electronics to a certain level you can be able to fix your own home devices when they have minor issues,or some technical malfunctions in your area.By taking the time to learn electronics you can ensure that you are not intimidated by the technology that pervasive in our everyday activities.

Here i will be  teaching you on how to fix and maintain your home appliances such as Radio sets,Television,DVD,Car sets etc...all by yourself.

Am going to take it step by step in explaining the basic solutions on common problems we experience in our homes, so you are free to post any problem consigning your electronic devices and get the solutions right away so that it will be easier for you to fix  things yourself with our online repair tutorials.

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