Sunday, 21 October 2012

INSTALLATION OF A CAR STEREO SYSTEM  As we all know the usefulness of a Car Stereo just like the radio we play at our various homes but the difference is Car Stereo as the name sounds is used in a we going to be discoursing on the installation and maintenance of Car Stereos.We have different types of car stereos and products but there specifications are alike coming to a conclusion of the same sound production.

 Installation Of Car Stereo your car stereo system yourself is a relatively simple process for those with even the most basic knowledge of electrical installation or automotive service, and is a great way to save money on your car stereo system installation.

 Understand the basics of all car stereo systems

 A car stereo system consists of 4 main components and the wiring that connects them. These are the head unit, the main speakers, optional amplifiers and the sub woofers, which are also optional but generally considered a necessary part of any good system.

* Before you start any installation disconnect the ground negative pole from the battery to avoid any damage to the vehicle.

  * Install the new speakers by disconnecting the old once from the enclosure. You have to replace the old speakers with the new once by following the same wire connection and polarization. Attach the connectors to your new speaker. Make sure to connect the negative wire (-/black) to the negative terminal on the speaker and the positive wire (+/red or white) to the positive one then wrap each connection in electrical tape so no wire is showing to protect them.After that you cover the speaker enclosure to normal position.

 * Attach the thick positive (+/red) power cable for your amplifier to the connector on positive terminal of your battery with the fuse from car stereo sittings, and wrap it with electrical tape.Remember to put the fuse in the fuse holder.

* Attach the signal, remote and antenna power  cable to the Red positive cable.

* Also fix the thick black ground cable to the negative pole of the battery or any metal surface of the vehicle.

 * Attach the 14-gauge speaker wires to the left and right channels of the amplifier and to the speaker connectors with there different color codes and wrap each connection with electric tape.

* Finally double check your connections and slot the Car Stereo into the dash and screw it securely in place.Reconnect the ground (negative) cable to your car battery and turn the stereo on and move around the car listening to each speaker to make sure everything is working properly.

I hope the tutorial helps, Ask questions here if you  have any challenges.

 Wire Color                                              Wire Function
Yellow                                                     12V Constant / Memory
 Red                                                         Switch / Accessory
Black                                                        Ground
Blue                                                          Antenna Remote
Blue with White Stripe                               Amplifier Remote Turn-on
Orange with White Stripe                          Dash Light Dimmer/Illumination
Green                                                      Left Rear Speaker (+)
 Green with Black Stripe                           Left Rear Speaker (-)
White                                                       Left Front Speaker (+)
White with Black Stripe                            Left Front Speaker (-)
Purple                                                      Right Rear Speaker (+)
Purple with Black Stripe                           Right Rear Speaker (-)
Gray                                                        Right Front Speaker (+)
Gray with Black Stripe                             Right Front Speaker(-)

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